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Drawn Steel Pipping

Drawn Steel Pipping

DIN 2448-compliant Hot Drawn Seamless Steel Pipes are used not only in general machinery production and the making of tools, but also in the making of pipelines and tanks, as well as the production of relevant apparatuses.

Ext. Dia.: 10 -800 mm,
Wall thickness: 1,60 mm to 80 mm, Quality: St 37 , St 42, St 44, St 52)
DIN 2391-compliant Cold Drawn Seamless Precision Steel Pipes are used to provide for specific application needs due to their high measurement accuracy, good surface quality and special mechanical properties.
Ext. Dia.: 6 -273 mm,
Wall thickness: 1 mm to 15 mm, Quality: St 35 , St 37, St 52)

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