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Possible Issues
    • The bandsaw tension may be insufficient.
    • Take the leading arm closer to the work piece.
    • Perform trials with a band with larger saw teeth.
    • The feed rate may be too high.
    • Feed rate may be too high.
    • Bandsaw tension may be too high.
    • The pulley diameters may be too small for the bandsaw in use.
    • The stand may be performing cuts with.
    • Cutting rate may be too high.
    • Chosen teeth may be unsuitable.
    • Band rotation speed may be wrong.
    • The work piece may be moving during cutting.
    • The cutting fluid may be failing to provide the necessary cooling and lubrication.
    • The work piece may contain impurities or slag.
    • The work piece may be moving due to the clamp not being able to hold the work piece well.
    • The sawdust sweeping brush on the stand may be out of order or worn.
    • The cutting fluid may be unsuitable.
    • The stand may be subject to vibration.
    • The leader may be worn or unsuitable.
    • The work piece may not be fixed tightly enough.
    • The stand may be in need of maintenance.
    • The tooth selection may be wrong.
    • The saw may have become blunt.
    • Band tension may not be suitable.
    • Band speed and feed rate may be unsuitable for the diameter of the work piece.

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